How to create cpanel accounts in whm?

Follow the steps below to create hosting packages using WHM. First you must create a hosting package in WHM
Log into WHM
Create a hosting package by clicking on the "Add packages" link on the left hand panel in WHM.
Assign the amount of disk space and bandwidth you want the reseller account to have.
Once you have created the package, check that it is named in the username_packagename format.
Click on Create new account in left panel.
Specify all details
Click on create/ok

How to generate a full backup?

How to generate/download a full backup
Plesk 10
A full backup is a backup of all of your files, e-mail, databases, etc. To run a full backup, you can not download the full backup right away. The backup takes time to perform and the server will send you an email once the backup is ready to download. Below are steps to requesting the backup to be performed.

Shared and Reseller: You may only create cPanel backups of 4 GB or less. If your backup is larger than 4GB, you must contact GSN support for help to bypass the limit.

  1. Click Backups
  2. Click Generate/ Download Full Backup
  3. In the drop down menu, select Home Directory
  4. In the box to the right of Email Address, type the email address where you will receive notification once the back up is done.
  5. Leave the rest of the settings blank.
  6. Click Generate back up.
  7. This will generate the back up for you and place the TAR.GZ file inside of your Home Directory.
  8. You can now download the backup via cpanel / FTP/ or SSH
If you would like to download the backup from cPanel (easiest way), please do the following:
  1. Click Backups
  2. Click Generate/Download a Full Backup
  3. Under "Backups Available for Download", click the link with the file name of the backup.
  4. It will then start to download.
  5. Select a destination on your PC for where you would like to save it to.
  6. Click Save
How do I restore my own backup?
A full backup must be restored by the root user for the server. We will restore your full backups for free. To restore a backup, simply submit a ticket in our support dept.

How to create new add on domain?

An add-on domain is a secondary domain hosted on a cPanel account. Add-on domains typically have their own distinct website.

Note: You may not be able to create an Add-on Domain if you do not own (register) the domain name, or if your name servers (DNS) have not propagated.

Special Note for Resellers: You will not be able to create an Add-on Domains in your cPanels unless you allow more than 0 (zero) in your packages. You must also have subdomains set to a number equal to (or greater than) the number of add-on domains you wish to allow.

How to Create an Add-on Domain

With Add-on Domains you can host multiple different domains with different website content, all under the same disk space and bandwidth of one cPanel.

Note: Your control panel may look slightly different depending on the theme you are using, however the steps will be the same for all themes based off of the X3 theme.

To create a second domain name with its own website, please do the following:

Login to your cPanel and click Add-on Domains, under Domains. There are three fields cPanel asks for when creating an Add-on Domain.

New Domain Name: Enter the new domainname.com, but do not put http or www in the name.
Username/directory/subdomain Name: This will be the folder cPanel creates in your public_html folder.
Normally, you want to ensure the name you provide doesn't already exist as a folder in public_html, but cPanel will automatically suggest the name and we recommend you stick with the suggestion.
Password: Fill in any password you want here. This password is used for an FTP account which is automatically created by cPanel. You likely will not ever need this password, so we suggest picking a random password and forgetting about it.

Your new domain is now successfully added. You can upload the website files to the specific Add-on folder which was created in the public_html folder. Reminder: Your new domain name will not display your site until you set that domain's name servers. You must go to the company where you registered your domain, and change the name servers there.

Point an Add-on Domain to a Specific or Existing Folder

Sometimes you already have content uploaded to a specific folder on your account or you want the content to be in a different folder than the default. In that case, you would specify the correct folder in "Username/directory/subdomain Name" field in the instructions above, instead of the one it suggests. If the folder does not exists, it will create it for you. If the folder already exists, it may give you a warning that the username/directory/subdomain already exists, but in this case, you entered something that already exists on purpose. You can safely ignore this warning, since that was your intent to point the Add-on domain to a directory that already exists.

How to Remove an Add-on Domain

If you have an Add-on Domain set up and would like delete it, please do the following:
Login to your cPanel and click Add-on Domains.
At the bottom, under Actions, click Remove.
Removing the Add-on domain only removes the domain from the DNS and server configuration. Your files and databases are not deleted or affected by removing the Add-on domain (other than the fact that you can no longer access the effected files via that domain name).

How to add a package in WHM?

How do I add, edit and delete packages in WHM?

The following article explains how to add, edit and delete packages in WHMl. A package is a template that can be assigned to a customer, which controls the levels of access that customer has for their account.

To add a package, please follow these steps:

Click the PACKAGES link.
This is where you set up a new predefined account package.
Simply TITLE the package and go down the line, setting limits for each of the resources.

Enter the necessary information:
  • Package Name: enter a name for the package
  • Quota: enter a quota in MegaBytes
  • Shell Access: check to give account shell access
  • Max FTP Account: enter the maximum number of FTP accounts allowed
  • Max Email Accounts: enter the maximum number of email accounts allowed
  • Max Email Lists: enter the maximum number of email lists allowed
  • Max SQL Databases: enter the maximum number of SQL databases allowed
  • Max Sub Domains: enter the maximum number of sub domains allowed
  • Max Parked Domains: enter the maximum number of parked domains allowed
  • Max Addon Domains: enter the maximum number of add-on domains allowed
  • IP: check to enable IP based hosting
  • CGI Access: check to grant CGI access
  • FrontPage Extensions: check to enable the FrontPage extensions
  • Bandwidth Limit: enter a bandwidth limit in MegaBytes
  • cPanel Theme: select a theme from the dropdown
  • Feature List: select a feature list from the dropdown

NOTE: The BANDWIDTH must be entered in MEGABYTES and not gigabytes.
When finished, click the ADD button.
That’s it! The new account has been added and can now be used to speed up the hosting account creation process.

404 Forbidden Error

Hi, If you are getting an error like :
You don't have permission to access / on this server.
Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.",

It means that your account has been successfully created on our servers and the domain has propagated.

How to resolve?

To remove this page, you will need to upload an actual file on our server . To do this:

  1. Login to cpanel
  2. Click on file manager
  3. Select your domain and click on Go
  4. Upload your content in that directory, make sure you are in "public_html" directory.
  5. make sure your files contain an index.html / index.php file or else the error will be persistent. If you have created a file like home.html, please rename it to index.html and update all lnks on your website accordingly Thank you for reading this

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